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We offer machined Foot, Calf and or Shoulder Massages at the Southside Discount Mall Location. They are also held at Events, Expos, Conventions, Retreat Events or Upscale parties, etc. We can customize your package with minimum amount of hours at a set price or you can have your guest individually pay at standard pricing! Im amazed what 5 minutes of targeted massaging can do. Massages are Reflexology, Blood Circulation & Direct Pressure Points.. (Yes, Attitude Adjuster!)

Call or email for details!

These items are also for purchase:

Foot / Calf Massager $299.00

Shoulder Massager $135.00

Event Packaging Available


Starts at 5 Minutes 

$5.00 (flat foot massager)

$5.00 (shoulder massager) 

$10.00 (foot & calf massager)


$8.00 Combo (Flat Foot & Shoulder)

$13.00 Combo (Foot/Calf & Shoulder)